28 November 2016

Things you need to know before you opt for IVF/ assisted reproduction

Bearing a child is definitely a blessing for a woman. Those couples who can’t have the child feel an unbearable pain and often hunt for an alternative...


Bearing a child is definitely a blessing for a woman. Those couples who can’t have the child feel an unbearable pain and often hunt for an alternative, ultimately opting for IVF.

Here are 10 things you need to know before going for an IVF or any assisted reproduction:

Research: One must research well on the treatment process and what is involved in each stage of IVF. The success rate of various clinics differs, so the couple should not shy away from questioning the doctors about the chances of a successful pregnancy with that particular treatment as there are different kinds of IVF treatments available and an individual’s needs can be different from another.

Success rate: IVF is considered to be the most preferred assisted reproductive technique. Success can be achieved through IVF for the couples who are struggling to conceive naturally. The people who have had a number of failed intrauterine insemination and problems with fallopian tubes should think about IVF.

Age: Age plays an important role not only in the cases of IVF pregnancies but also in regular pregnancies. The sooner you decide on planning the family, the better it is.

Weight: The weight of the women who is opting for IVF play an important part in the success of the cycle. If a woman is an underweight there are high chances that she will fail to ovulate due to decreased levels of estrogen leading to irregular or missed period or if she is overweight then there can be various hormonal changes in her body which can lead to poor quality of eggs.

Strength: Before going for an IVF the women needs to prepare herself mentally and emotionally for the treatment as IVF is not a cakewalk. The woman who decides to go for an IVF must have multi-grain cereals, a staple diet, fresh fruits and green veggies. The women need to regulate her sleep and needs to keep herself happy, keeping stress at bay.

Support system: Don’t try to be a super couple, try to take help of a counselor. Opt for professional counselling instead of independent social support groups that are present online/offline. These days many fertility clinics provide their own fertility counselors with whom the couple may discuss their matters that are not disclosed.

Lifestyle: The couple should assess their lifestyle and they must also evaluate their living habits before an IVF treatment. Lifestyle behavior counseling is recommended for those who are considering IVF.

Parenting to the twins: The chances of getting twins and triplets are quite high in IVF i.e. 33%.  Because only a single embryo is not transferred but multiple embryos are transferred to ensure the success of pregnancy, there are chances that the couple might get twins or triplets.

De-stress:  Stress is the third highest factor which causes infertility. So before going for the IVF program the women needs to de-stress and should even take a break from work and other worries in case she undergoes repeated IVF failures.

Apart from the above, ERA Test (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) from IGENOMIX , helps in knowing the correct window of implantation (WOI). ERA enables 85.7% pregnancy rates through Personalized Embryo transfer. This is 25% higher than Fresh and Frozen embryo transfer performed during the IVF cycle.

So, if you are looking for assisted reproduction, then you must follow the above steps and take an ERA Test!

Know more about ERA.

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