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Success stories

Dr. Nalini Mahajan


I would like to thank Igenomix for the introduction of ERA and PGS in India. We finally have something to offer patients of recurrent implantation failure to improve pregnancy rates, […]

Dr. Uma Maheswari


I have done 3 cases of IGENOMIX’s ERA test in patients with recurrent implantation failure and all cases were reported as non-receptive endometrium. As per the recommendation, the embryo transfer […]

Dr. Manjiri Valsangkar


I have been sending ERA samples to IGENOMIX since 2015. I have had positive pregnancy results in many of previous implantation failure patients. It’s extremely easy, pick up service is excellent, and […]

Dr. D K Chopade


I have been availing the genetic diagnostic services from IGENOMIX since 2014. I am happy to state that the kind of service I have received so far, especially in Non […]

Ms. Manisha


I was 38 years old when I got pregnant and I got the NACE test done. I had a lot of questions on the test, the process, the time it […]

Ms. Pallavee Shah


We are blessed to have a healthy baby boy. I would recommend NACE to all expectant moms to prevent risk, uncertainty and unnecessary mental turmoil and stress. This test was […]

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