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The basis of our products lies in research based on the human potential of the firm and on the needs of professionals and their patients. All the research done at Igenomix works towards its clinical transfer.

The staff at Igenomix actively works in research, and has organised and participated in many national and international talks and congresses. The result of all this hard work has led to a large number of scientific publications in international indexed journals.


We employ the most advanced techniques thanks to the collaboration of researchers, universities and firms using high technology. Besides, we also count on the translational research experience through the IVI Foundation led by Prof. Carlos Simón (the 2011 Jaime I award-winner for Clinical Research), and we have acquired broad clinical experience through our network of Reproduction Institutes around the world.

Today’s advances in knowledge provide us an insight of a future with more complete, more resolvable and more convenient diagnosis systems for patients. Igenomix invests much human and economic effort into research, development and innovation to offer both medical professionals and patients a wide range of products and services which cover all their expectations.

Genetic tests research
The staff at Igenomix actively work in research & development and apply the most advanced techniques to reproductive genetics.