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Collaborations and consortia

Scientific Collaborations

  • Terry Hassold, Center for Reproductive Biology, Washington State University, USA
  • Susan Fisher, Department of Cell & Tissue Biology, University of California, San Francisco, USA
  • Thomas D’Hooghe, Universitair Fertiliteitscentrum, UZ Leuven, Holland

The Gen-Val Consortium

The Gen-Val Project is a biotechnological consortium made up of four business organisations which combine scientific-technological capacities such as sequencing (Lifesequencing, S.L.), bioinformatics (Biotech Vana, S.L. and Celeromics, S.L.) and genetic diagnoses (Igenomix, S.L. – which is included in the group of researchers at IVI (the Valencian Infertility Institute). This consortium aims to provide the health sector with a permanent advanced genetic diagnosis and prognosis service that is capable of diagnosing diseases or metabolopathies of a hereditary origin with a view to being able to research into more palliative and personalised treatments of these illnesses.